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Strange Trails Album Cover Remake

In my illustration class, we were tasked with choosing an album to make an album cover for, and the instructions stated that we needed to use collage to make our design. I chose one of my favorite albums, Strange Trails by Lord Huron. For my research process, I listened to the whole album and took notes, which informed my thumbnail sketches. One of the things that struck me was that the album, when listened to in order, seemed to shift from nighttime vibes, to daylight vibes, and all different types of twilight, which I noted in the little symbols to the right of the song titles. I also took note of when songs blended into each other, and when there was clear separation between the tracks. I used royalty free images to compose the work, and I even researched what font is used on US road signs (in case you're curious, it's Highway Gothic.)


Project length: 5 weeks

Medium: Royalty Free photos from Unsplash, Photoshop


listen to the album here!

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