Mobilizing Canada Poster

I entered a sketch in call for art from Canadian author, Seth Klein, who is writing a book called A Good War; Mobilizing Canada for the Climate Emergency. He was looking for a piece displaying what the art of a Green New Deal and other such sustainable movements could look like, and have it be influenced by Canadian WWII propaganda. His thesis revolves around a message of hope: We have done this kind of mobilization before in World Wars, and we can do it again now. My design was selected as one of the winners, and as well as being featured on the book's website where people can download it and put it wherever they want to, it will be featured multiple times in the book itself. 

I drew inspiration from the reoccurring “Let’s go/Come on, Canada!” tropes that I saw in my research of Canadian WWII wartime posters. One poster in particular, created by Joseph Sydney Hallam promoting the RCAF, was really inspiring to me because of the welcoming and inviting nature of the composition. I tried to incorporate that “can do” spirit and excitement over being a part of something huge into my own design. Building sustainable infrastructure is something I wanted to focus on promoting because I think if it's presented to the public in an inviting way, then it could be met with energy and excitement instead of dread and trepidation.


I intentionally played off of the composition of the WWII poster to visually reinforce familiarity with this sort of mobilization. I flipped the composition so that the main character is leading the viewer towards the “future”, which for left-to-right reading cultures is generally associated with the right side of the page. I chose the tagline of “Let’s do it again, Canada!” to again reinforce the idea that this mobilization is possible because it’s been done before.


Project length: 4 weeks

Medium: Photoshop