anti masker mask campaign

A line of bandanas I designed for Anti-Mask Republicans to wear to prevent the spread of COVID-19. I tried to approach this project not from a place of shaming anti-maskers into wearing masks, because that hasn't been proven to be effective, but from a place of drawing on their current interests and personalities. So for three of the bandanas, I was inspired by the colors of the American flag and what they symbolize (red for hardiness and valor, white for innocence and purity, and blue for perseverance, vigilance, and justice). For the other two, I reproduced the American seal, and the Bill of Rights in its entirety. I also designed some advertisements for the bandanas that would live on Instagram, and, thinking about the target audience, in the windows of convenience stores and markets, where the bandanas would ideally be sold. I also tried to use language and design that the target audience is familiar with and would respond well to in my advertisements. 


Project length: 5 weeks

Medium: Micron Pen, Photoshop