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Hi There!

i'm meital smith.

nice to meet ya :)

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Meital is pronounced like May-tall, which is kind of misleading because I was born in the winter and I am not, in fact, very tall. Meital means dewdrops in Hebrew. 


I am currently pursuing a BFA in Design at Cornish College of the Arts. I was born and raised in Seattle, and I have loved drawing and creating for pretty much my whole life.


From around ages 5 to 12 I exclusively drew horses, but my repertoire has gradually grown to include monsters, then people, and now what you see on this website. I love both fine arts and design, and both of my practices inform each other.

I aspire to be an art teacher in addition to pursuing my artistic and design career, because I love working with kids and I want to provide the amazing mentorship to my future students that I was lucky enough to receive from my art teachers.


When I'm not making art or designing things, I spend my time playing ultimate frisbee, knitting, biking and kayaking when the weather permits, listening to music on buses, and traveling back and forth between Vancouver B.C. and Seattle. 

I hope you enjoy exploring my work, and feel free reach out to me either through email or through my socials! Or check out my Spotify, I have some rockin' playlists.

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