Hi There! I'm Meital Smith.

Meital is pronounced like May-tall, which is kind of misleading because I was born in the winter and I am not, in fact, very tall. Meital means dewdrops in Hebrew. 


I am currently pursuing a BFA in Design at Cornish College of the Arts. I was born and raised in Seattle, lived communally in Israel for a year, and have spent every summer since 2008 being a camper or a counselor at Camp Miriam, a Jewish Socialist summer camp located on Gabriola Island in Canada.

I have loved drawing and creating for pretty much my entire life, and for your viewing pleasure, I have attached photographic proof. From around ages 5 to 12 I exclusively drew horses, but my repertoire has gradually grown to include monsters, then people, and now what you see on this website.

I aspire to be an art teacher in addition to pursuing my craft, because I love working with kids and I want to provide the amazing mentorship to my future students that I was lucky enough to receive from my art teachers.


Aside from drawing, I spend my time playing ultimate frisbee, knitting while watching TV, biking and kayaking when the weather permits, listening to music on buses, and traveling back and forth between Vancouver B.C. and Seattle. 

I hope you enjoy exploring my work, and feel free to click on the mail icon if you want to get in touch!